Our Vision

The desire we have for our guests is to have an enjoyable, memorable and relaxing stay at The Farm on Grape Creek. There is are some things to see and animals to meet.  For example, there is Henry the sheep, Beanie the cat, Bon Jovi the bantom chicken and Raz the dog just to name a few.

Our Story

Our story began went we lived in Prattville, Alabama in 2000-2002. Marty accompanied one of our daughters to a Pumpkin Patch farm event. He came back very excited and told Ainslie about all the activities available at the farm event. He took as many photos of the different farm events as he did of our daughter. As luck would have it, Ainslie was able to attend the same Pumpkin Patch farm event the same year with one of our other daughters and agreed there were a lot of fun activities for kids and adults at the farm event. We were in the military at the time, but after that chapter ended we looked for a farm to make our pumpkin farm dream come to fruition. We moved to Cove City, NC and began our sheep farm with one sheep, Baa Baa. We later added two more sheep and now we have over 20 ewes and two ram and one whether (he is kinda like a steer). We also have cows, chickens, guinea hens, dogs and cats on the farm.

Meet our Team

Ainslie Guion

Vice President of Marketing

Ainslie oversee our Air BnB and markets and sells our meat at the local farmer’s market in Greenville, NC.

Marty Guion

Vice President of Operations

He is the builder of shelter, fences and our all around fixit guy.

Next Steps…

If you want to learn more about our farm, come for a visit or stay a night at our Air BnB, please reach out to us via the contact information below..

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